Just a Little Rant From a Goose About the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin Case

Just a Little Rant From a Goose About the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin Case

I am getting fed up with this “Zimmerman was at fault because he followed” argument. Lets really look at what your claiming.

Trayvon Martin was justified in attempted murder because Zimmerman followed him.  Zimmerman made Trayvon attack Zimmerman.

Please, next time you feel that someone may be following you or possibly “eyeing” you from across the room, turn to them, sucker punch them in the nose, then proceed to tackle them and slam their head into the floor. Let’s see if the courts justify your actions.

This is the ONLY argument being put forth by those who want to see Zimmerman hang

As for those justifying there views of Zimmerman because of questions like: “Where are the pictures”, “Where are the medical records?”, “Where is the autopsy report?” or “Where is the evidence in general?”, why don’t you ask the state of Florida’s prosecutor’s office.

Today’s bond trial gave the first opportunity beyond the evidence-lacking affidavit to put forth evidence damaging against Zimmerman’s account. The state provided zero, na da, zilch, absolutely no evidence. Do you really think that the state wants Zimmerman on bond? We can surmise that the state has no evidence at all (which is untrue) or that any and all evidence that the state has corroborates Zimmerman’s account.

The state is only running with the “Zimmerman profiled” and “Zimmerman followed” arguments.  These also seem to be the only responses you get from anyone on the street that has convicted Zimmerman.

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