What does “I am George Zimmerman” mean?

What does “I am George Zimmerman” mean?


By  at Moonbattery

Liberals have stridently wondered just what George Zimmerman thought he was doing, patrolling his neighborhood at night, poking into the business of put-upon Saint Skittles (who as it turns out had gotten in trouble at school for having a bag full of women’s jewelry and a burglary tool).

The answer: attempting to prevent stories like this !!

A mother and son who were found shot dead in their Florida home were killed for less than $400 by a pair of teenagers.

Police have revealed robbery as the motive for the deaths of the Amy Ann Lorah and her 16 year old son William Haley.

Lorah,43, and her teenage were found dead from multiple gunshot wounds inside their home in Lehigh Acres, Florida, a week ago.

Haley had been shot dead first while his mother was shot and wounded in her bedroom.

She managed to stagger into the kitchen where she was shot twice more. Police found spent bullet casings and a blood trail across the house.

Police said their investigations led them to 16-year-old Justin D. Wirth and 17-year-old Clayton T. Combs.

Good thing the kids didn’t encounter any community watch captains. They might have gotten hassled.

<WyldGoose> My only complaint is why are we not seeing pictures from the media of these fine upstanding young men when they were 12 years old?

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One response to “What does “I am George Zimmerman” mean?

  1. None of these burgularies had nothing at all to do with Trayvon B. Martin. Trayvon will have to stand before GOD and give an account for the actions of Trayvon and only Trayvon. When those burgulars were caught neither one of them were Trayvon. So therefore his name shouldn’t have been mentioned in this incident.

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