Epic Israeli Response to Occupy Movement Tactics

Epic Israeli Response to Occupy Movement Tactics

Much to do, is being made over a video that has gone viral of IDF soldiers persuading protesters, utilizing Occupy Wall Street tactics of pushing their bodies into a security line, into ceasing and desisting.  Oh the horror of it all! Lets see if this video puts things into perspective.

Aggression met with anything less then aggression, leads to bondage

Israeli soldiers push back Palestinians and ISM activists attempting to use the Occupy “Passive Mob Push Forward” technique. “Stand together and push forward with your bodies and your not being aggressive”. This needs to be seen more in America when occupiers and black bloc push against police lines.

3 responses to “Epic Israeli Response to Occupy Movement Tactics

  1. http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/Articles/ismstandforfacts25.html
    International Solidarity Movement (ISM): Profile

    “…ISM proclaims its commitment to humanitarian values and to the principle of non-violence. Nonetheless, it endorses the Palestinians’ right to use “armed resistance,” has been willing to work with terrorist groups such as Hamas and has demonstrated its support for Yasser Arafat. Israel banned ISM foreigners in April 2003 because ISM activists hid an Al-Aqsa terrorist and because two British-born terrorists involved in the Mike’s Place bombing in Tel Aviv in April, 2003, were able to hide their movements through association with left-wing foreign activists…”
    Campus Support For Terrorism
    Copyright ©2004 -Center for the Study of Popular Culture

  2. 41 pages with 104 links:
    In this explosive report,
    “The International Solidarity Movement:
    Threat to America, Israel and the World”,
    Lee Kaplan reveals:

    -The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) misrepresents itself
    as a grassroots movement of pacifists and humanitarians.
    -Heavily influenced by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,
    a Marxist group, the ISM claims to be nonviolent,
    but its activities further the terrorism of groups like Hamas.
    -The ISM is not just one group,
    but an interlocking umbrella of many groups,
    most of them Marxist-oriented.
    -ISM activists include Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn,
    former leaders of the communist terrorist Weather Underground.
    -The ISM uses the American college system to promote its agenda,
    as well as churches, libraries, and labor unions.
    -The ISM improperly and illegally relies
    on tax-deductible contributions collected in the U.S.
    -The ISM has infiltrated Congress and has enjoyed
    a privileged status relationship with the U.S. State Department.
    -U.S. law enforcement authorities have generally failed
    to recognize the danger from the ISM.

    ISM activities planned for 2011
    could further undermine the peace process
    with Israel and even bring on another Middle East war.
    It is time for America and Israel to take action
    against the terrorist-supporting subversive network.

  3. http://www.terrorism-info.org.il/malam_multimedia/English/eng_n/pdf/ipc_e149.pdf
    The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
    pp. 84 – January 10, 2011

    The International Solidarity Movement (ISM)
    is a network founded by extreme American leftists
    and part of the campaign to delegitimize Israel.
    In the second intifada it specialized in hindering
    IDF counterterrorism activity,
    indirectly supporting terrorism.
    Its senior figures founded FGM,
    which plays a central role in the Gaza Strip flotillas.

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